FCDO London office closing on 29 December 2023

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) premium and same-day centre in London will soon be closing on 29 December 2023. This will greatly impact future clients.
FCDO London office

The FCDO’s London office has provided countless clients with quick, premium apostille and same-day services. These services have been particularly useful for those who need an apostille on short notice. 

At Fast Legalisation, we have worked closely with the FCDO’s London office to help get our clients an apostille for their important documents. Once they are given an apostille, the documents can be used overseas.

However, with the impending closure of the FCDO’s London office, their services will be changing.

How the FCDO’s services will be impacted

The FCDO’s main office is now in Milton Keynes. This means that the new fast-track service that is replacing the premium service will have longer processing times than before.

Furthermore, the FCDO’s apostille fees are increasing for the first time since 2016. Their standard service will now cost £45, while it used to be £30. 

People in London will not find it as easy to access convenient apostille services from the FCDO. As a result of the office closing, there will no longer be same-day services available in London. Clients will have to use either the standard or new fast-track service for now.

However, the FCDO are looking into a next-day apostille service at their Milton Keynes office. It is possible that they will introduce more updates to other services in the coming weeks.

How our apostille services will be impacted by the FCDO London office closing

The prices for our standard and fast-track service (previously premium) apostille services will have to change due to use now having to work with the Milton Keynes FCDO office.

Standard apostille processing times will also be shorter than they were before because of the office change. However, fast-track apostille times will take slightly longer than the previous premium apostille processing times.

Our updated costs and times are:

  • Standard apostille: 10 to 15 business days – £95
  • Fast-track apostille: 5 to 6 business days – £150

We will keep you informed of any further updates from the FCDO.

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