Philippines Legalisation Services

We regularly assist clients in the legalisation of documents for use in the Philippines. We also work closely with the Filipino consulate to process specialist documentation.
Philippines Legalisation Services

The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is attractive to British residents due to its scenery, low cost of living, and diverse culture.

Many people wish to travel to the Philippines to work or live and, in order to make the move, may need the services of a notary public to authenticate official documents. Our friends at Woodcock Notary can help you with this. Then, the documents will need to be legalised. We provide Philippines legalisation services.

Many of the documents required by the Filipino authorities will need an apostille to attest their validity. A list of documents that may need an apostille is listed below: 

  • Documents for child adoption in the Philippines
  • Power of Attorney (POAs) in the Philippines
  • Notarisation of documents for use in the Philippines
  • Foreign service post report of birth
  • Travel consent form
  • Contingency plans, letters of undertaking, Companies House certification and employment documents
  • Copies of marriage documents and affidavits for use in the Philippines

Do you want to work in the Philippines?

If you want to stay in the Philippines for an extended period, you may need to apply for a visa.

One of the most popular visas is the Non-immigrant Visa. It cannot be used to settle in the Philippines but is available to overseas nationals who want to stay in the Philippines for a specific but limited purpose. Reasons for applying for an Non-immigrant Visa include tourism, business, and study.

If you are planning on travelling to the Philippines, you will need to get the necessary documents notarised as soon as possible, this is a service we provide. 

Getting your document legalised

Because the Philippines is part of the apostille convention, an apostille is usually all that is required to verify your documents for use in this country. It is unlikely that further authentication will be needed. 

To make sure that we can comply with the requirements, we liaise with Filipino officials to make sure that an apostille is all that is required. In cases where more requirements apply, we take each of the steps necessary. 

Common documents that we legalise for the Philippines include. 

  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Companies House documents
  • Employment contracts (for submission before the Philippine Overseas Labor Office)

The Fast Legalisation team is here help

We can assist you or your business in conducting official activity in The Philippines. Our team is on hand to talk you through the steps, and provide the services you need. 

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